Report by Alan Wojcik

On Saturday April 11, 2015 Uproar Pro Wrestling presented Danger Zone! The event was held at the Verizon Event Center, 8718 Trouble Creek Blvd (Corner of Little Rd) in New Port Richey, FL.

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In an Uproar Wrestling Academy bout, Hollywood Law (Troy Hollywood & Hunter Law) defeated Eric Curtis & Steve Frick (w/Aria Blake.) Uproar Academy head trainer Jay Lethal came out but only congratulated Hollywood & Law on their match.

(1) the American Sasuke Mikaze defeated Jason Cade.

London Vice came out, ready to make the evening of a lovely lady. But when he went for the moment, the lights went down & up. Miss Alexas hand was replaced by SEVER!!!

(2) Sever defeated London Vice.

(3) In a four way melee, the 5ft 7 Gift From Heaven Oliver Cain (w/Evan Starsmore) defeated the debuting Rich Swan, Jayson Falcone & Rome. Cain pinned Swann after a distraction by Starsmore.

(4) In a return grudge match, Josh Rayne of the Misled Youth defeated Undefeated Edward Malken via DQ.

Shawn Prime attacked Rayne causing the DQ. The suspended Jude Mackenzie came from the audience to save Rayne but he ended up going through a table at the hands of Prime. Uproar medical staff and officials aided Mackenzie to the locker room. Prime was escorted out of the building by security.

ROH World TV champion Jay Lethal came out to address the Uproar Wrestling fans about his involvement in the main event. He declared he was going to become the new Uproar Wrestling champion. That didnt sit well with Steve Frick & Eric Curtis, who turned on their trainer! The dup held Lethal down with is leg stuck in a folding chair as Blake jumped off the top!

(5) Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV) defeated the FanBoys (Spring Hill Superhero Shayne Swyft & Jaison Moore) when Case drilled Swyft with a forearm shot after Evans IV launched him into the air.

The mystery man from the past several shows entered the ring. He announced he is Hollywood talent agent Jefferson Saint and he has signed the Upgrade Mike Reed. But he signed him up to be the 1st entrant in the Fast Track Rumble. Mr. Saint didnt realize that was a bad thing in wrestling.

(6) The Throwback Leo Brien became the new Uproar Pro Wrestling champion when he won the 20 person Fast Track Rumble by eliminating Last Rockstar Eddie Graves. Final four was Graves, Vice, Brien & Torcher. Vice/Graves tossed Torcher & Vice was tossed by Brien.

Order of entry: (1) Mike Reed (w/Jefferson Saint) (2) Mikaze (3) Jason Cade (4) Ryan Oshun (5) Alex Green (6)Taino (7) Tony Storm (8) Donovan (9) Throwback Leo Brien (10) Michael Patrick (11) Fire Breathing Monster Torcher (12) Oliver Cain (w/Evan Starsmore) (13) Shayne Swyft (14) was supposed to be Jay Lethal (15) CJ Strikes (16) Ronnie Rios (17)Dash Maverick (18)Danny Vincent (19) London Vice (20) Last Rockstar Eddie Graves (w/Trina Michaels).