April 11th 2015 Uproar Pro Wrestling hosted its event titled Danger Zone. Prior to April 11th, back in January, Jude Mackenzie and Shawn Prime had found themselves in hot water during a Tag Bout which also featured Edward Malken and Josh Rayne. During the confrontation in the heat of the moment both Mackenzie and Prime assaulted Uproar officials. Due to their actions both competitors were placed under a one show suspension. However, both Malken and Rayne were allowed to compete due to the incident being isolated between the other competitors. Uproar Pro Wrestling was hoping to simmer the situation between the Misled Youth and Prime and Malken by booking a singles match between the two remaining competitors.

During the encounter between Rayne and Malken, Shawn Prime appeared and made his presence felt in said Match. Mackenzie responded to Primes actions by hopping the barricade at Ringside and storming the ring.

An Uproar Official was questioned later on the terms of their suspension and advised, that both Mackenzie and Prime were suspended from action by Uproar Pro Wrestling, however the terms of ban from the Verizon Event Center was out of their Jurisdiction, and the suspension was done more so for the safety of the Officials who were assaulted. Due to these circumstances both Prime and Mackenzie were allowed access into the Event Center but, as spectators.

As the events unfolded and the situation grew out of hand, the crowd began stirring with chants of let them fight. Senior Official Chuck Aurin was left to make a decision. Before the event turned into a Riot, Aurin decided to abide by the fans wishes and made the call to allow these two to settle their differences as he sent Security and the Referees to the back. Both Mackenzie and Prime went Blow for Blow as they tore into each other in an unsanctioned fight that had no official to call the rules. In the final moments of this brawl, we saw Shawn Prime take the situation into his own hands as he drove Mackenzie through a Table that he brought into the ring earlier in the scuffle.
The following moments brought a sudden silence among the crowd as Shawn Prime was reprimanded by security and Mackenzie was not moving. Uproar officials had to call for the medical staff on hand to respond. The final moments we saw of Mackenzie at Danger Zone he was being stretchered out from Ring Side.

We have learned since then that Mackenzie was taken to a nearby medical facility where he underwent tests and MRIs to determine the severity of his injury. As of press time it is still unknown just how serious his condition is however, we can confirm that Mackenzie regained feeling in his limbs and has been restricted to bed rest and absolute minimal activity. From what we understand is due to the impact through the table Mackenzie suffered a Severe compression pinching a nerve in his spinal column. The sudden impact caused a temporary numbness which has since been contained. At this time Mackenzie will be seeing a specialist to see if this injury can be resolved with physical therapy or if it will require further medical attention. The time table of a return or even the chances of a return remains up in the air until further developments. Those close to Mackenzie have said that he still remains in a great deal of pain, but he is also in great spirits which he thanked the fans for.

Uproar Pro Wrestling will continue to provide the latest details in this story as it develops. As of Press time Shawn Prime has been unavailable for comment. When we asked Uproar Management on the status of Shawn Prime they had stated that right now the health and well-being of Jude Mackenzie has been their # 1 priority and as for Shawn Primes future a decision would be made at a later time.